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A little about me!


I’m Carrie and would LOVE to be your Longarm Quilter!  I live in Highlands Ranch, Colorado and have a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master’s Degree in Education. After a few years in the research world and almost a decade educating middle schoolers, I decided to stay home after my second child was born. So how’d I become a longarm quilter?


In 2014, I began my quilting journey as a way to show my love to others in a tangible way.  When my love for quilting became a healthy obsession, I quickly realized the actual quilting step was my favorite.  Fast forward to QuiltCon 2022 and the first time I tried a longarm at the vendor show. I was HOOKED. It was game over for those past roles, I had found my next adventure and had a new plan on how to help support my family while feeling creatively fulfilled. 

In 2022 I purchased my longarm and joined the Longarm League shortly after in order to learn the business side.  I spent the remainder of the year and most of 2023 experimenting on my machine before accepting clients to ensure quality services. I also had an amazing opportunity of learning from the best with in-depth training from Innova headquarters, allowing my confidence in the machine and software to give great results on your quilt. 


When I’m not quilting, I love spending time with my family.  We love camping and hiking and try to get outside as often as possible.  I also have a deep love for music, singing, and… birds, which is just one of many reasons for the nightingale name.  

And speaking of Nightingale, let me introduce you to my sidekick, Gale.  She’s an Innova Classic Longarm and ready to give your quilt beautiful stitches!

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